unit 6 community life

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Lesson 1New Words a. Unscramble the words.b. Match the words in Task a. with their definitions.Listening a. Listen to tát Emma talking to tát her grandfather about how their town has changed. Listen and circle all the topics they talk about.b. Now, listen and circle.Grammar a. Complete the tables with the correct size.b. Fill in the blanks with the correct size of the verbs.c. Change the active sentences into passive sentences.Writing Look at the table and write a paragraph about how the town of Newton has chan Xem tiếng giải Lesson 3Listening a. Listen to tát a talk about a charity for young people. Who is the speaker talking to?b. Now, listen and circle the correct answers.Reading a. Read the article. What does the writer want to tát do?b. Read the article again and circle the correct answers.Writing Skill Using pronouns to tát avoid repetition Replace the underlined words with the correct pronouns.Planning Think about ways you could improve your đô thị. Write at least three more ideas under each picture. Writing Choose one of the proj Xem tiếng giải

Review Unit 6

You will hear five short conversations. You will hear each conversation twice. There is one question for each conversation. For each question, choose the correct answer (A, B, or C).Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question, choose the best answer (A-H). There are three extra sentences which you tự not need to tát use.

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