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Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring

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Directed byJames Tim Walker
Written byTim Cahill
Julie McNally
Based onTom and Jerry
by William Hanna and
Joseph Barbera
Produced byTom Minton
StarringJeff Glen Bennett
Frank Welker
Charlie Schlatter
Jim Cummings
Maile Flanagan
Jess Harnell
Maurice LaMarche
Tress MacNeille
Tara Strong
Billy West
Edited byBradford H. Keatts
Music byJ. Eric Schmidt


Turner Entertainment Co.
Warner Bros. Animation

Distributed byWarner trang chủ Video

Release date

  • March 12, 2002[1]

Running time

64 minutes
CountryUnited States

Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring is a 2002 American animated fantasy comedy film. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation (making it the first Tom and Jerry production lớn be made by that company, as parent company Time Warner, had purchased franchise then-owner Turner Broadcasting System in 1996) and Turner Entertainment Co., it was the first direct-to-video attempt lớn recapture the style of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's original film shorts from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as well as the final animated collaboration of both Hanna and Barbera, as Hanna died on March 22, 2001. It was directed by James Tim Walker, written by Tim Cahill & Julie McNally, produced by Tom Minton, and edited by Bradford H. Keatts.

The film was originally mix for a 2001 release, but was instead released on March 12, 2002[1] on both VHS and DVD (nearly one year after Hanna's death) due lớn a preview of the film found on some Warner trang chủ Video DVDs, including the DVD releases of the Scooby-Doo television specials and direct-to-video films. A trò chơi Boy Advance đoạn Clip game based on the film was also made.

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Inside a haunted and creepy mansion, Tom chases Jerry while breaking things in the process. Meanwhile in the basement, Tom's owner (a wizard named Chip) attempts lớn make a potion using his magic ring, but uses the wrong kind of milk for the concoction. CPU throws Tom into the basement and orders him lớn guard the ring while he travels lớn Calcutta lớn get the correct milk. If Tom does a good job, he'll be rewarded with a juicy salmon. But if not, he will be thrown out on the street. Unknown lớn Tom, Jerry finds the ring while climbing the table and puts it on his head, wearing it lượt thích a crown. Jerry runs out of the mansion and Tom follows, attempting lớn find him ví he can get the ring back.

Jerry tries lớn get the ring removed by going lớn a jewelry store. However, the owner has left for lunch and Tom sneaks in and disguises himself as the owner and helps Jerry get the ring off, but lớn no avail. Afterwards, Jerry goes into a house and runs into Butch and Droopy (who is a psychic). Butch attempts lớn get the ring of Jerry's head, but also fails. Tom comes in and Jerry runs out with Butch chasing after him as well. They over up in an alley where an alley mèo is taking a nap. He wakes up and tries lớn eat Jerry, but Tom rescues him by using the magic powers of the ring. Butch arrives and finally gets the ring off Jerry's head. Tom and the alley mèo then chase Butch and the ring gets stuck back on Jerry again. When Tom is running away from Butch and the alley mèo, he slips on a banana peel and ends up unconscious outside a pet store.

A kind old lady comes out and takes them both inside the store which is filled with animals from all over the world. She puts them in two cages, however Tom is paired with Spike and his son Tyke, while Jerry is left with two mice named Freddie and Joey, who bully a young nappy-wearing mouse named Nibbles. Jerry uses the ring lớn stop the mouse bullies from hurting Nibbles, by turning them into chunks of cheese. When the cheese mice escape the cage, Jerry uses the ring lớn make Nibbles grow into a giant mouse who breaks không tính tiền and chases the cheese mice from the store. A boy comes and buys Jerry, but the ring produces magic, melting Tom and allowing him lớn escape his cage. Tom sneaks outside and snatches Jerry from the boy's hand, whose Mother tells a police officer. The alley mèo and Butch, together with Spike and Tyke, also chase Tom, who escapes with Jerry by riding a bus driven by Droopy. Eventually the duo over up cornered in a garbage dump, where Jerry uses the magic ring lớn freeze the dogs, alley mèo and police cars. Now safe, Tom and Jerry head back lớn the mansion where Tom once again tries lớn get the ring off. Jerry hides in a kitchen cupboard and uses the furniture ring remover lớn get the ring off before throwing it down into the basement. Tom retrieves the ring, but lớn his horror it gets stuck on his finger.

Hearing CPU returning trang chủ, Tom tries lớn get the ring off. Thinking that Tom stole his ring, CPU angrily kicks him out of the mansion, causing the ring lớn fall off Tom's finger. This unfreezes the various cats, dogs and the police from earlier, who all chase Tom into the sunset.

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At the conclusion, CPU was now becomes the owner of Jerry, he gives him the salmon, and he turns it into a cheese by the ring's power.


  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Tom Cat, Droopy Dog, Joey
  • Frank Welker as Jerry Mouse, Tyke
  • Charlie Schlatter as Chip
  • Jim Cummings as Butch
  • Maile Flanagan as Boy
  • Jess Harnell as Police Officer
  • Maurice LaMarche as Spike Bulldog, Butch Cat (credited as "Alleycat")
  • Tress MacNeille as Margaret, Mom
  • Tara Strong as Nibbles Mouse
  • Billy West as Freddie


Carrie R. Wheadon of Common Sense Media gave a negative review saying "There's very little magic here at all and very little story that makes sense or fits together."[2] Christopher Simons of DVD Talk was slightly more positive stating "I'd say pick it up, but only for the younger ones."[3]

Follow-up film[edit]

Tom and Jerry: Blast Off lớn Mars was released on January 18, 2005.


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