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Bounty Hunters

Chinese poster

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Traditional Chinese賞金獵人
Simplified Chinese赏金猎人
Literal meaningbounty hunters
Hanyu Pinyinshǎngjīnlièrén

바운티 헌터스

Directed byShin Terra
Written byShin Terra
Hwang Ja-hwan
Kim Kyu-won
Produced byRaymond Wong
Minnie Zhao
Ha Yeon-joo
Jang Young-hoon
StarringLee Min-ho
Wallace Chung
Tiffany Tang
Jeremy Tsui
Karena Ng
Louis Fan
CinematographyChoi Joo-young
Edited byYang Jin-mo
Music byChoi Seung-hyun


Shanghai Mingyi Media
Union Investment Partners
Shanghai Xinyi Media
Le Vision Pictures (Beijing)
Le Vision Pictures (Hong Kong)
Tianma Yinglian Entertainment (Beijing)
Pegasus Motion Pictures Limited[1]

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Distributed byLe Vision Pictures (Beijing)[1]

Release date

  • July 1, 2016 (China)

Running time

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105 minutes
South Korea
Hong Kong
Box officeUS$31.1 million

Bounty Hunters is a năm 2016 action comedy-drama film directed by Shin Terra and starring Lee Min-ho, Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, Jeremy Tsui, Karena Ng and Louis Fan.[2] A Chinese-South Korean-Hong Kong co-production,[2] the film was released in Đài Loan Trung Quốc by Le Vision Pictures on July 1, năm 2016.[1]


Martial arts expert Lee San and master sleuth Ayo were working as bodyguards-for-hire, but đồ sộ little success. However, they were dismissed by Interpol officers a year ago. When a vague commission leads them đồ sộ a khách sạn room in Incheon, South Korea, a terrorist bombing duly takes place and turns the bumbling investigators into fugitives. Their informant dies, but the pair also immediately find themselves pursued by a rival group of bounty hunters. After an exhilarating xế hộp chase, San and Yo join forces with a trio: Bossy heiress Kat on an anti-terrorist mission since her lost childhood Swan, who is the resident hacker and maker of fantastic gadgets, and the muscled Bao Bao. To clear their names, they must work with the trio đồ sộ track down the culprit of a series of bombings that have plagued an international khách sạn group. After many hurdles, they manage đồ sộ capture the bombers and the duo are proven innocent.


  • Lee Min-ho as Lee San
  • Wallace Chung as Ayo
  • Tiffany Tang as Kat
  • Jeremy Jones Xu as Tommy
  • Karena Ng as Swan
  • Louis Fan as Bao Bao[2]


The film has grossed US$31.1 million.[3]


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