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Sweet & Sour

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Revised RomanizationSaekom-Dalkom
Directed byLee Gye-byeok
Based onInitiation Love
by Kurumi Inui
Produced byPark Se-joon
StarringJang Ki-yong
Chae Soo-bin
Krystal Jung


KT Hitel[1]
26 Company
Gyebyeok Mulsan

Distributed byNetflix

Release date

  • June 4, 2021

Running time

101 minutes
CountrySouth Korea

Sweet & Sour (Korean: 새콤달콤; RR: Saekom-Dalkom) is a 2021 South Korean romantic comedy film, based on the novel Initiation Love by Kurumi Inui.[2] The film directed by Lee Gye-byeok and starring Jang Ki-yong, Chae Soo-bin and Krystal Jung,[3] is a story of a couple that drifts apart.[4] It was released on Netflix on June 4, 2021.[5][6]


Hyuk is hospitalized with Hepatitis B. While the other patients as well as his own parents keep their distance, nurse Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin) ignores them and willingly takes care of him. As time goes by, Hyuk and Da-eun grow closer with the overworked Da-eun even eating and resting on his hospital bed.

A few days before Hyuk would be discharged from the hospital, Da-eun appears vĩ đại be distant. The downcast Hyuk returns home page. But, being unable vĩ đại forget Da-eun, he manages vĩ đại find out her phone number and gives her a Gọi. She eventually invites him vĩ đại come over vĩ đại her house, and he stays the night. In the morning Da-eun wakes up vĩ đại find that Hyuk replaced the broken lamp in her hallway and prepared breakfast for the two of them. Touched by the gestures, they share a brief kiss.

After a while, Da-eun tells Hyuk that she won tickets vĩ đại Jeju Island for Christmas, and she invites him vĩ đại join her. Da-eun buys them matching shoes, which he happily accepts, hell-bent on losing weight.

In the next scene we see a slim Hyuk (Jang Ki-yong)) running in the park wearing the same sneakers. A hard working engineer, he is soon told by his superior that he will be dispatched vĩ đại a big company in Seoul. This means that there will be a long commute from Incheon vĩ đại Seoul and that if he does well he might be granted a permanent position at the firm. However, on his first day, he finds out there is another candidate; this means that he would not be guaranteed a permanent position at the over of his contract. The other candidate, Bo-yeong (Krystal Jung), turns out vĩ đại be very competitive, regularly undermining him vĩ đại make herself look better in the eyes of their superior.

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At a board meeting where the team presents a new bridge design based on a proposal by Bo-yeong, Hyuk points out that there is a critical flaw in the design that would lead vĩ đại a collapse if the bridge would ever be hit by a tsunami. A humiliated Bo-yeong is told vĩ đại fix the problem together with Hyuk. While Hyuk leaves early she works throughout the night without taking a rest. At the start, Hyuk takes pleasure in seeing her suffer, but he eventually takes pity on her, and they over up working together vĩ đại fix the problem. The two start bonding and they continue working on more projects together.

Meanwhile, some strain is showing on the relationship of Hyuk and Da-eun, with both of them regularly working late and Hyuk becoming increasingly frustrated at having vĩ đại commute between Incheon and Seoul. He usually comes home page tired and shows little interest in Da-eun. One night when he comes home page Da-eun complains about him not having fixed the broken light bulb and his refusal vĩ đại take out the trash. When they start arguing she tells him that she hasn't had her period, and it turns out that she is expecting his child, which she aborts later on.

Rather kêu ca being pleased, it seemed vĩ đại frustrate Hyuk even more. As he realizes he has feelings for Bo-yeong, he starts vĩ đại distance himself from her and focuses on Da-eun. However, this eventually starts vĩ đại impact his work. Bo-yeong confronts him and tells him that both of their performance will suffer. Hyuk agrees vĩ đại work late, and he starts doing overtime again, leaving Da-eun alone at home page.

One evening, Da-eun and Hyuk were seen going out together. Hyuk shows no interest in spending time with Da-eun and continuously complains about the crowd and repeatedly says that he wants vĩ đại eat and go home page. Back in the xế hộp Da-eun complains that Hyuk never wants vĩ đại spend time with her anymore. Hyuk brushes it off and accidentally calls her his "pretty Bo-yeong". They get into a big argument in which he denies Da-eun's claims that he's cheating on her. He eventually drops her off at their once shared house as he drives off in a fury.

Back in Seoul, Bo-yeong and Hyuk are once again working overtime. With all their time spent together and the gradually growing sexual tension between both of them, Hyuk kisses Bo-yeong. Both of them eventually get romantically involved. After a while, Hyuk becomes restless and appears vĩ đại be longing for Da-eun again. When neither Bo-yeong or himself is offered a permanent position by the firm, Hyuk tells Bo-yeong at the firm's team dinner that he will return vĩ đại his previous position in Incheon. She in turn tells him that she will study abroad as her old job is also not a permanent contract. In the background the team manager announces that they can win a không tính phí Christmas trip vĩ đại Jeju.

Hyuk hearing this thinks of the Jeju trip he was supposed vĩ đại go on with Da-eun that Christmas. Coincidentally, their flight was meant vĩ đại be that very evening. Realizing he still loves Da-eun, he rushes vĩ đại the airport in a xe taxi. As he pulls up at the airport, he sees Da-eun standing on the sidewalk in front of the airport building. Jumping out of the xe taxi, he sees her supposedly waving at him. He runs towards her but bumps into someone and falls over.

The man he ran into turns out vĩ đại be the Hyuk shown in the first part of the film. The scene is the same one from earlier when Da-eun gave the matching pair of sneakers. It is revealed that the Hyuk from the start of the film is a different Hyuk kêu ca the one from the main part of the film. Both storylines happened simultaneously, and it turns out Da-eun bonded with Hyuk while she felt neglected by her partner Jang-Hyuk and because he did all the things Jang-Hyuk didn't vì thế, such as fixing the light bulb. Both of them leave on the trip for Jeju while Jang-Hyuk returns vĩ đại the các buổi party in shock. Bo-yeong later reveals vĩ đại him that she had just won the Christmas trip vĩ đại Jeju and that they could go together. Despite his feelings for Da-eun, he tells Bo-yeong he loves her but she rejects his feeling saying she doesn't feel the same way.


  • Jang Ki-yong as Jang-hyuk
  • Chae Soo-bin as Da-eun[7]
  • Krystal Jung as Han Bo-yeong[8]


  • Lee Woo-je as Lee Jang-Hyuk, admitted as patient of Hepatitis B in hospital, Da-eun nursed him
  • Choi Hwan-yi as Jo Yeon-hwan
  • Shin Joon-hang as Team 2 thành viên 4
  • Park Chul-min as Jang-hyuk and Bo-yeong's boss
  • Yeo Min-joo
  • Park Ji-hoon as Macaron[9]
  • Yoon Byung-hee as patient

Guest appearance[edit]

  • Lee Geung-young as janitor of office building
  • Yoo Sun
  • Choi-hyeong as Emergency room doctor
  • Kim Mi-hye as Nurse 2
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Lee Jang-hyuk's father
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Lee Jang-hyuk's mother



On 9 September 2019, Chae Soo-bin and Jang Ki-yong were confirmed vĩ đại play lead roles in the film.[7] On October 8, 2019 Krystal Jung joined the cast as parallel lead in the film.[8]

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Principal photography began on October 8, 2019, and filming was wrapped up on December 23, 2019.[10]


The film was originally planned vĩ đại be released theatrically in 2020 but got affected by COVID-19 pandemic spread. It was ultimately released on Netflix on June 4, 2021.[1][11]


Nam Seon-woo writing for Cine21 wrote that the charm of actors and the director's directing ability was evident in the comedy scenes. Seon-woo opined that as the characters of the film are presented in working environment commuting scenes were frequently shown. Instability and tiring work environment were shown vĩ đại affect relationship. All this brought the term 'Romance from a fatigue society' vĩ đại the fore. Concluding write up Seon-woo wrote, ".... the essence of the film unfolds in the last ten minutes. And those 10 minutes may make you re-watch the movie from the beginning."[12] Rhian Daly reviewing for NME rated the film with 3 stars out of five and felt that the film was unimpressive as it could not capture the pain of love. Daly opined that the plot of film didn't have feelings. Rhian concluded, the film just portrayed impact of pressures of work life in modern day-to-day existence but lacked deeper and moving emotions.[13] Alicja Johnson reviewing for Mediaversity graded the film with 3.25 out of 5 stars and wrote, "Despite the alluring screen presence of its actors, Sweet & Sour offers little in the way of progress on gender and diverse body toàn thân representation."[14]


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