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Make It Right
GenreFriendship, Romance, Youth
Directed byRachyd Kusolkulsiri
StarringPanichtamrong “Peak” Peemapol
Udompanich “Boom” Krittapak
Opening theme"I Believe True Love Exists"
(Thai: เชื่อว่ารักแท้มีจริง)
sung by Gun Achi
Ending theme"About Last Night"
(Thai: เรื่องเมื่อคืน)
sung by Tea Namcha
Country of originThailand
Original languageThai
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time45 minutes
Production companies
  • Copy 'A Bangkok
Original release
NetworkMCOT HD
Line TV
ReleaseMay 15, 2016 –
August 5, 2017
Love Sick: The Series

Make It Right: The Series (Thai: รักออกเดิน; RTGS: Rak Ok Doen) is a năm nhâm thìn Thai boys’ love romantic comedy series aired on MCOT HD and Line TV.[1] The series is based from the novel of the same name. It is broadcast on Sundays from 20:50 to tướng 21:45 (Bangkok Standard Time) on MCOT HD, while the uncut version is shown on Line TV during midnight of the same day.[2] The first season contains a total of 12 episodes with an average span of 45 minutes each. The series started its airing on 15 May năm nhâm thìn, and the first season ended on 31 July năm nhâm thìn. The story revolves around young boys’ budding relationships and how they khuyến mãi with their feelings within themselves and in front of the judging society.[2]

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There is one main couple in the series. The Couple is the pairing of the actors Panichtamrong “Peak” Peemapol (playing the role of “Fuse”) and Udompanich “Boom” Krittapak (playing the role of “Tee”).[1] There are also other couples and actors who bring life to tướng the series. The scenes mostly takes place in a high school institution where most of the characters go to tướng study.

A second and last season of the series aired from 7 May 2017 and ended 5 August 2017, with total of 14 episodes.


Main characters[edit]

  • Panichtamrong "Peak" Peemapol (November 11, 1999. Bangkok, Thailand) as Fuse
  • Udompanich "Boom" Krittapak (January 12, 2001. Chiang Mai, Thailand) as Tee
  • "Ohm" Pawat Chittsawangdee (March 22, 2000. Bangkok, Thailand) as Frame
  • Imerbpathom "Toey" Sittiwat (February 13, 1996. Bangkok, Thailand) as Book
  • Techakumphu "Bonne" Manapat (June 11, 1994) as Nine
  • Wongsamran "Aof" Sutiwas (February 22, 1996) as Yok
  • Ratanaumnuayshai "Beam" Boonyakorn (March 29, 2001) as Rodtang

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Chanchalerm "Proy" Manasaporn as Fing
  • Ua-Ampon "Bright" Wichawet as Tan
  • Sukpun "Praew" Rattaporn as Mook
  • Rathavit Kijworalak as Wit
  • Nonthanee "Guy" Jirapun as Ess
  • Somkid "Nice" Vichapol (September 2, 2000) as Lukmo
  • Inthapuch "Tonson" Banyada as Jean
  • Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Champ
  • Mil Sarut as Dew


The series is based on the novel of the same name. It is broadcast on Sundays from 20:50 to tướng 21:45 (Bangkok Standard Time) on MCOT HD, while the uncut version is shown on Line TV during midnight of the same day.[2] The first season contains a total of 12 episodes with an average span of 45–55 minutes each. The series started its airing on 15 May năm nhâm thìn, and the first season ended on 31 July năm nhâm thìn. And here is the list about the 12 episodes below:

Make It Right: The Series[edit]

Episodes in Series 1[edit]



Title Cast Time Duration Original Date Released
Chapter 1 'PROLOGUE'

"If you're not trying. How bởi you know whats right."

Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn 43:11 Minutes May 15, 2016
We start with our lead (Fuse) vlogging about his heart broken state.He explains that he saw his girlfriend (Jean) hanging out with another guy at the mall (poor Fuse) and is conflicted on how to tướng react to tướng this situation.

Then, we cut to tướng the school, where his best friend name is Mo (or Lukmo). He asks Fuse why is he sad. It's flashback time. Apparently, his gf was stuck in a bathroom the previous day and called him for help but when he went there his bae was hanging out with this new hot dude!

Anyway, then we see the meet-cute between Fuse and Tee. Even though they don't talk, then Fuse and his friends (not Tee) go drinking. Fuse's other half Tee is there. And of course, Fuse gets drunk and, Tee is there to tướng take him trang chính but he doesn't know where he lives. He ends up taking him to tướng his house.

In Tee's room, we can see that Fuse is really drunk. When Tee takes off his shirt to tướng shower, Fuse comments on how good looking he is. After that, things get really romantic and steamy when he asks Tee whether he has had sex with a guy. Tee responds with a no and suggests that they should try it.

Chapter 2 "Pain is a signal to tướng letting go" Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn 48:34 Minutes May 22, 2016
So, it turns out Fuse is not happy. He even blames poor Tee for everything. Tee is visibly sad and Fuse can see that and is a little bit concerned but doesn't bởi anything and leaves.

It starts with Fuse's ass face, which somehow leads to tướng a farting contest between the boys to tướng find out if they're gay or not and ends in Fuse's shit splashing noises

After that, Fuse gets a Điện thoại tư vấn from Jean who wants to tướng go the mall and watch movies. As a loyal and dutiful boyfriend, he obliges. In the cinema, the movie that they're watching turns out to tướng have a similar plot to tướng the drama that's happening between Fuse and Jean. So, obviously Fuse (he with the tender heart) is very emotional and cries lượt thích a baby. Jean, on the other hand, doesn't seem to tướng care (she is busy texting). But, Jean never know that Tee is here and they secretly hold hands with Fuse and Tee provides the moral and emotional tư vấn that Fuse obviously needs.

Chapter 3 "Don't remember the day we've loved. Remember that today are we still love each other?" Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn 46:43 Minutes May 29, 2016
Apparently, Fuse feels bad and immediately apologizes. However, Tee is still pissed and is ignoring both Fuse's phone calls and his friendly hellos in the school.

Fuse has to tướng stay late at school to tướng finish his homework and suddenly, the lights go out and he is trapped. But at the same time, Tee comes there to tướng rescue him. During that time, they have a heart-to-heart and it turns out Tee is not angry but feels guilty for taking advantage of Fuse's drunkenness. Fuse, on the other hand, doesn't think sánh and blames himself. And, just lượt thích that their little feud is over for now and happiness returns.

They then go to tướng Fuse's house, where they meet Fuse's sister. She warns them not to tướng get too close (through her own weird way) otherwise they might not be able to tướng handle what comes next. So, while in bed, Fuse kisses Tee to tướng prove that he doesn't feel a thing and a kiss is just a kiss. BUT THEN, Tee kisses back and confesses that he definitely feels something when they kiss and won't forget it anytime soon

Chapter 4 'Don't "cheat on" a person who have you as their whole lives.' Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn 43:11 Minutes June 5, 2016
We see all the boys having lunch at the cafeteria. All of a sudden, Tee just waltzes in lượt thích he owns the place and not just takes the chair but drags it and sits besides Fuse as if they are already dating (slowly getting there). Obviously, everyone is intrigued but Tee isn't afraid and confesses openly that he likes Fuse and wants to tướng go to tướng his house later (although, he does say later that he was kidding but of course, that's a lie).

Anyway, during this whole thing, Fuse protests feebly but inside, we know that he likes Tee and wants all of this to tướng happen. When the bell rings and it's time to tướng go trang chính, he straight away runs to tướng Tee and asks him to tướng go trang chính together. And at his house, we see a xinh tươi montage of them being xinh tươi and doing xinh tươi things together. Again, Tee confesses that he's very happy when he's with Fuse. Fuse, as usual, remains silent (but happy). And then, they are about to tướng kiss BUT at the same moment Fuse's damn sister opens the room and interrupts them.

Then, the morning after, we get introduced to tướng Tee's love rival – Rodtang*. Tee and Fuse are late and meet Rod in the punishment zone. Rod openly flirts with Fuse and Tee isn't impressed.

But, this clearly doesn't stop Rod. He is very enterprising and uses every opportunity available to tướng flirt with Fuse. While he is practicing in the music room, he sees Fuse and calls him to tướng participate. They seem to tướng have a good time and make a đoạn Clip of them singing together and being all touchy-touchy.

Chapter 5 'Disappointment because of "love" is nature's way to tướng strengthen our hearts' - 43:06 Minutes June 12, 2016
Our main couple starts out great but ends quite badly. Tee finds Fuse outside of his class eating that sponsored roll thingy. They chat, flirt a little bit and Tee manages to tướng steal a kiss from Fuse. It is quite adorable. The most adorable part, however, was Fuse's reaction. He is really really happy. Naturally, someone must be there to tướng witness it and this time around its Mo, the friend. He is visibly shocked and offers an honest advice to tướng Fuse about gay relationships. Fuse is also not sure what all of this means. He is still new to tướng it and processing his feelings. In the meantime, he finds out that Jean (his gf) is at his house waiting for him. He is not happy. He goes there and Jean guilt trips him on kissing her. At the same moment, Tee appears and sees the whole shebang. He's clearly heartbroken and leaves. Fuse runs after him but it's too late (for now).

Book and Frame

Book and Frame had the most interesting plot out of all three in this episode. For their project, they go to tướng interview a prostitute. In the over, when the lady invites Frame to tướng stay over, Book gets possessive and drags Frame away from there. During their talk, we also find out that Frame is quite the Casanova and these things are normal for him but clearly Book doesn't want him going with other people. Afterwards, we also get a short glimpse of Book's girlfriend (who is horrible) and their break up. It seems very casual but still it rattles our Book who turns to tướng a hookup phầm mềm and sets up a clandestine meeting with another boy.

Chapter 6 "Some friend is a gift, Some friend is a lesson." - 48:22 Minutes June 19, 2016

Book and Frame[edit]

In Book and Frame's case, we see that Frame is really drunk when these two decide to tướng hook up in a khách sạn.We also saw that Book lives away from his parents and his father seems to tướng be an abusive husband to tướng his mother. He has a problem about the break up and We see his motivation to tướng go and chat on a gay phầm mềm and meet up and try to tướng have a gay sex. Unexpected happens that the guy who was chatting Book was Frame.

In the morning after the things happen between them though, everything appears to tướng be fine. In the shower, Book is reminiscing about Frame through flashbacks and Frame seemed happy as well.

Anyway, while showering Book starts bleeding a little and they go to tướng a hospital immediately. Frame is quite concerned here and we see the good side of him. He holds his hand and gives him advice how to tướng behave in a one-night stand (this was quite funny). He also tells Book that he's bisexual and starts chatting to tướng other people on the phone. This makes Book pretty jealous. When Frame is dropping off Book to tướng his house, Frame tries to tướng kiss Book and ask him out on a date but Book seems hesitant.

Tee and Fuse[edit]

We then move to tướng Tee and Fuse. Due to tướng some parking problem or something, Tee and Fuse are in the same place at the same time. It is sánh adorable to tướng see Fuse get excited when he learns this and he immediately goes to tướng talk to tướng him. In the way, he gets hit by basketball (thrown by Tee, no less) and they go to tướng the nurse's office together. There's no one there and Tee performs the first aid. It is a xinh tươi moment but Tee then realizes that he's still hurt from the night before and is a little bit angry. He realizes that he needs to tướng get away from Fuse because he won't be able to tướng handle it if he stays there.

It is then time to tướng go trang chính. Fuse gets a Điện thoại tư vấn from Tee's friend, who is concerned that Tee isn't acting normal and tells Fuse to tướng take care of him. He's pretty happy to tướng receive that Điện thoại tư vấn and to tướng be associated with Tee. Now, he just needs to tướng realize that he loves Tee and not Jean and everything will be okay. Then, he sees Tee and begs him to tướng let him go to tướng his house. In the over, Tee gives in and they go to tướng his house. We see that Fuse is still confused (even though he just had something happen with Tee) but Tee is not. He says to tướng Fuse that he is the most important person in his life right now.

Chapter 7 "What is worth more phàn nàn a promise is a simple word but action." - 55:01 Minutes June 26, 2016

Book and Frame[edit]

First, let's get Book and Frame out of the way. So, things seem to tướng be getting back to tướng normal between them. Book is clearly in love with Frame but Frame is still wishy-washy about it. He shows concern but still doesn't confess or commit to tướng Book properly. In the school scene, we can see that Book clearly cares for Frame as he brings water for him and has that longing look in his eyes. But, in another scene, Frame is playful but doesn't accompany Book to tướng watch the documentary and chats with another girl right in front Book. We will see how it goes in the future for these two.

Tee and Fuse[edit]

Another story line that got introduced this episode was of Tee's brother and Fuse's sister. Apparently, Tee's brother likes Fuse's sister but she doesn't lượt thích him. Her friend though seems to tướng lượt thích him instead. Hetero love confuses bủ.

Now, back to tướng our main story, Fuse is quite concerned about Tee and is wondering why he's avoiding him. And, in a surprising development, Fuse confesses to tướng Tee about all his feelings. He says he likes Tee and his touch and sees him as more phàn nàn a friend. And, Tee of course tells him that he feels the same way. He tells him about the kiss he saw between Fuse and Jean and how it affected him. After all the things happens to tướng them, they are late to tướng go to tướng school and instead spend the day going out and about and eating. There's an awkward moment when Jean also appears in the mall but the rest is them being xinh tươi and cuddly. They go trang chính late and get scolded (playfully) by Fuse's mother. Tee asks to tướng stay the night and they have a lovely family dinner.

Chapter 8 "Sometimes we have to tướng faced some bad days because they help us to tướng realize the value of good days in our lives." - 59:08 Minutes July 3, 2016

Book and Frame[edit]

We start with Book and Frame first. Frame visits Book in his condo and basically, apologizes for his behavior earlier (you know, for that thing that he did). We also learn that Book has recently broken up with his girlfriend and has dated a guy in the past (which didn't go too well).

On the other hand, Frame is completely into Book. He is constantly trying to tướng vie for his attention, compliments him and after hearing about his failed date with another guy, tells him to tướng try again and date him. We also get a wonderful scene where he describes Book as a beautiful star, how he is perfect and how he is totally attracted to tướng Book. Then they go to tướng the mall (as one does in Thailand everyday) where Frame continues being Frame and is quite forward and flirty and Book continues being Book and plays coy and just smiles sheepishly every time.

Yok and Dew[edit]

The second pairing of this episode – Yok and Dew continues to tướng be annoying. They are vacationing in Yok's dad's resort. Yok is excited to tướng spend time with Dew but it turns out Dew just thinks of Yok as a friend and isn't even gay. Yok is understandably upset but his mom comes in the picture causing even more drama. They create a scene where Yok's mother scolds him for bringing a guy to tướng the resort and chastises Dew for being a greedy gold-digger. They all leave the resort unhappy and looking sad.

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Tee and Fuse[edit]

Now, on to tướng our main leads. Tee and Fuse are also on holiday this episode and are at the same resort. Fuse's family is there (with Tee) to tướng surprise Fuse's dad. In the khách sạn room where they are staying, a small boy comes in saying that he is instructed to tướng give không tính tiền dessert to tướng couples and that's why he has come here. The child is super chill and just accepts the fact that a M/M relationship is normal and that Tee and Fuse are a couple. Tee and Fuse have come to tướng a stage in their ‘relationship’ where they don't even deny it and then go onto this whole ritual of feeding each other those sweets as a couple.

In a different scene, they start talking about their relationship. Tee is still concerned about Fuse and how he has a girlfriend and how that complicates things. So, he does not want to tướng hurt Fuse by continuing this ‘relationship’. But Fuse tells him to tướng not bởi that and not let things get between them. He tells him to tướng listen to tướng his heart and just be happy.

Nine and Rodtang[edit]

We also get a bonus pairing this episode in the khuông of Nine and Rodtang. Rod has found a new guy to tướng go after. Anyway, Nine is the vice-president of the music club and wants Rod to tướng come to tướng the practice. Rod, in turn, tells him to tướng take him to tướng a park if he wants Rod to tướng show up in the practice. In the over, we get a lovely scene where they spend the day in the park and talk.

Chapter 9 "A person who really loves you is not the one who is in your life, but the one who will never leave you." Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn, Aof Sutiwas, Nice Vichapol, Beam Boonyakorn, Bonne Manapat 50:08


July 10, 2016

Book and Frame[edit]

After boys Teasing Fuse about between Frame goes to tướng Book and starts being all cutesy and asks what he can buy for him from cafeteria. Now obviously, The Boys start to tướng tease them about and unlike Fuse, Book isn't happy. Seeing Book's discomfort, Frame reprimands the boys but the damage is already done. Book gets really angry and blames Frame for telling their secret to tướng them. Bring all the angst!

Anyway, after that we get a lovely scene where Frame is waiting for Book but Book is ignoring Frame. Both of them look heartbroken. They need to tướng over this fight real quick.

Tee - Fuse, Nine and Rodtang[edit]

Now, onto the fun bits. Nine is conducting some sort of band practice and is fed up with Rodtang as he's not following orders. Then, Fuse turns up at the practice scene as a substitute and tells Nine not to tướng worry and that he can convince Rod to tướng practice. Rod is obviously very happy to tướng see Fuse and is ready to tướng teach Fuse how to tướng turn those large-stick-with-balls-at-the-top type thingy. He also utilizes this opportunity to tướng flirt with Fuse. They have a sort of ‘intimate’ moment and at the same time Tee appears and witnesses the whole thing. He is not happy and we get the classic Tee side-eyes. But, in the over, Fuse manages to tướng win him over and make him smile again with his funny antics. And, for reasons unknown, Fuse, Tee, Nine, and Rod all decide to tướng go to tướng dinner together.

Yok and His Mother[edit]

In the next scene, we get a quick update about Yok. His mother as usual is not happy that Yok is fooling around with guys. So, she seems to tướng recruit Mo's girlfriend to tướng seduce him. It's going to tướng be such a fail. Can't wait to tướng see this plan backfire.

Back to tướng the main story, those four guys are all having dinner and Rod continues to tướng flirt with Fuse but thankfully, Nine holds back Rod from coming too much in between Tee and Fuse. When it's time to tướng go back, we get one of the greatest Tee Fuse scenes ever – the bus scene. Basically, it's a crowded bus and Tee takes this opportunity to tướng hold Fuse's hand while Fuse rests his head on Tee's chest/shoulder. During the ride, Tee asks Fuse if he has feelings for Rod and Fuse makes it clear that he only has eyes for Tee.

Now, throughout the episode, Nine and Rod continue to tướng flirt with each other. Nine was quite happy to tướng tell him that Fuse has a lover and he shouldn't waste his time. When Rod forgets his keys to tướng his condo, he comes over to tướng Nine's house to tướng sleep. Rod tells Nine that he will stop pursuing Fuse and basically, just calls Nine his hero. And, to tướng my surprise, Nine fist pumps the air and celebrates this victory.

Chapter 10 "We didn't break up because we couldn't love each other, but it might be because we didn't love each other." Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn, Aof Sutiwas, Nice Vichapol, Beam Boonyakorn, Bonne Manapat 47:02 Minutes July 17, 2016
Tee's brother Fuse's sister That girl

So, in this episode, we learn that ‘That girl’ likes Fuse's sister and Fuse's sister doesn't lượt thích that ‘That girl’ likes her. Apparently, she has known about this for a while and just wants to tướng be friends. Meanwhile, Tee's brother is oblivious to tướng this fact and interjects himself in their conversation and tries to tướng act all xinh tươi and flirty. It just results in awkward situation between the three of them. The whole thing ends in a heartbreak with ‘That girl’ crying alone in a storage room as Tee's sister clearly doesn't lượt thích her that way.

Book Frame

The ongoing fight between Book and Frame continues this episode as well (escalates more even). It's just one misunderstanding after another. Book is in the classroom cleaning with some of The Boys being start to tướng tease Book about his ‘relationship’ with Frame. Book gets really pissed and starts to tướng yell and asks whether it was Frame who told them about their ‘relationship’. The Boys quickly apologize seeing Book's anger and explain that Frame had nothing to tướng bởi with it and they just saw how close Frame and Book had become and were just joking. This calms Book down and he realizes his mistake. However, this happiness doesn't last for long. He calls Frame and sets up a meeting at the Siam. He also buys some CD and greeting thẻ as an apology. But, when he goes there, he sees Frame holding hands with another girl and just loses it. He screams at Frame and blames him for – well – everything. Now, we know that Frame was just helping out his auntie and there is nothing going on between them. Had Book been a rational person and just trusted Frame and asked him about this situation, none of this would have happened.

Tee Fuse Jean Rodtang

Jean comes to tướng visit Fuse and brings lots of goodies with her. At the same time, Tee brings a ‘strawberry smoothie’ and other snacks as well. It's basically the high-school version of impressing and seducing your bae with as much things as you can buy. Fuse, of course, is just enjoying this attention and tries to tướng please both of them. This gets even more complicated when Rodtang arrives for the band practice and there's three of them vying for his attention. Poor Rodtang gets distraught when he finds out that Fuse really IS going out with a girl. Last episode, he just heard it but this episode, he witnessed it live.

Meanwhile, Tee is over this situation for now. He isn't happy and tries to tướng put a distance between him and Fuse. On the other hand, Fuse acts all stupid and tries to tướng be cutesy and convince Tee to tướng spend time with him.

Rodtang Nine

The only relationship that showed signs of working was that of Rodtang and Nine. Rod is heartbroken. But, Nine comes to tướng the rescue and gives Rod the much needed company. Here, Rod realizes that Nine has always been there for him (unlike Fuse) and he's been ignoring Nine and pursuing something that wasn't right for him.

Chapter 11 "You can be mad, but don't be for too long." Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Beam Boonyakorn, Bonne Manapat, 51:10 Minutes July 24, 2016
The penultimate episode of MIR starts where the previous one had ended – with Rodtang mourning over Fuse and Nine being there for him. They talk and bond. Nine is completely smitten but Rod is not quite there yet (he's getting there slowly). This is illustrated by the bizarre dream sequence where Nine is the fisherman and Rod's the fish. He doesn't seem too happy to tướng be with Nine in the dream.

However, this is all about to tướng change. Rod and Nine go to tướng a storage room to tướng store those amazingly-amazing band-stick thingies. It's there where Nine ‘saves’ Rod from a falling box and literally becomes his hero. And obviously, he gets injured while doing sánh and obviously, it's Rod who performs the first aid. This brings them even more closer.

On the other side, Fuse is still being clingy and stalking Tee on Facebook. He sends him a text but doesn't get a reply and gets a – ‘I’m busy and I have to tướng study’ – when he calls him. So naturally, lượt thích any other person, he questions his busy-ness with the Facebook evidence and blames Tee for ignoring him. Anyway, the next day it's his turn to tướng ignore Tee. Tee tries really hard to tướng talk to tướng him but Fuse acts lượt thích a total diva and blatantly tells him not to tướng disturb him. His smug and satisfied look was quite funny to tướng watch. But, we all know that they love each other and we can see that both are hurt and in pain when they are apart. Although, I'm not worried as it's lượt thích The Boys said – This is a fight between a married couple. They will sort it out themselves and we shouldn't intervene.

Meanwhile, the story of Book and Frame progressed a lot in this episode. At first, Book still refused to tướng talk to tướng Frame but Frame ingeniously partnered up with Book in a class project where they finally had a chance to tướng talk and figure out the misunderstanding. It's there where Book admits to tướng his feelings for Frame and Frame also opens up his heart to tướng Book and tells him not to tướng break it. For context, this was because Frame (like Book) also had his heart broken before by a girl.

Chapter 12 "Last Episode of the Series 1" Peek Peampol, Boom Krittapak, Ohm Pawat, Toey Sittiwat, Tonson Bandaya, Praew Rattaporn, Aof Sutiwas, Nice Vichapol, Beam Boonyakorn, Bonne Manapat 48:52 Minutes July 31, 2016
In this finale, we see some couple start their love journey, some reconcile after their fight, while some go their separate ways. The director ties up some loose threads and also sows seed for story lines for the next season.

Let's start with Frame and Book. They are given the shortest amount of screen time in the finale but they also get the most cutest scenes of them all. It's all about that honeymoon phase after the confession for them. They stare at each other lovingly, Book brings Frame food, feeds him, kisses him, etc.

Our other couple (Rod and Nine) also continue to tướng act xinh tươi. Rod brings Nine a gift (a hybrid of Nine's face and batman's body) and tells him he appreciates his kindness and thanks him for being his hero.

The couple for whom things don't work out is the one with Lokmo and the other girl and the love triangle with the two girls and P’Tan. We have been anticipating Mo's break up for a while after we saw his girlfriend getting offered a job to tướng seduce Yok by Yok's mother but it was still painful nonetheless.

Last episode, Tee and Fuse were fighting but lượt thích any two people in love they just can't stay away from each other. Fuse finds himself in front of Tee's house after school and after hesitating for a few seconds decides to tướng go in. They come face to tướng face but apart from staring lovingly, they don't talk to tướng each other and all we are left with is the incoherent love lorn talk of the drunk P’Tan.

The next morning, Fuse arrives early at school and decides to tướng sing a tuy vậy and with the power of Fuse's love and the power of music, Tee instinctively knows it's Fuse calling him, sings with him (from the grounds outside) and sprints towards the music room. Tee doesn't go in but just listens from outside with love and satisfaction in his eyes. Fuse finishes the tuy vậy, reminisces about the past encounters with Tee and comes outside but Tee has vanished.

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The whole day Fuse is sad and lost and keeps remembering the amazing moments that he had with Tee. The show (and the story) comes full circle when later, Fuse finds himself locked in the same spot where he was locked in the beginning of the series. He is heartbroken and cries reminiscing about the good old days. And, the episode ends with our main hero – Tee – coming at the right time to tướng rescue him with that infectious smile of his and a warm hug.


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