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Royal Tramp

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Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鹿鼎記
Simplified Chinese鹿鼎记
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinLù Dǐng Jì
Directed byWong Jing
Screenplay byWong Jing
Story byLouis Cha
Produced byStephen Shiu
Jimmy Heung
StarringStephen Chow
Sharla Cheung
Ng Man-tat
Natalis Chan
Sandra Ng
Chingmy Yau
Damian Lau
Brigitte Lin
Deric Wan
CinematographyDavid Chung
Joe Chan
Edited byChuen Chi
Music byWilliam Hu


Win's Movie Productions

Distributed byGolden Harvest

Release date

  • 30 July 1992

Running time

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110 minutes[1]
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$40,862,831.00

Royal Tramp is a 1992 Hong Kong wuxia comedy film based on Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron. The film was one of the five top grossing Hong Kong films in 1992; Stephen Chow, who played the protagonist Wai Siu-bo, also starred in the other four of those films. The film was followed by a sequel, Royal Tramp II, in the same year.


Wai Siu-bo is a bard known for his quick wit and tall stories. One day, the police ambush Chan Kan-nam, the leader of the revolutionary Heaven and Earth Society, at the brothel where Siu-bo works. Siu-bo saves Chan Kan-nam and asks him lớn teach him kung-fu in return. Kan-nam accepts and inducts Siu-bo into the Heaven and Earth Society as his apprentice, with his first assignment being lớn infiltrate the palace and steal some secret materials. Members are marked by the Society's mantra on their feet, but Kan-nam only manages lớn write down two on Siu-bo's left foot before he flinches from ticklishness.

On the day of the palace recruitment, Siu-bo accidentally stumbles into the eunuch room before being saved by Hoi Tai-fu, the palace's head eunuch. Suspicious of the Empress Dowager's identity and unable lớn confront her himself, Tai-fu strongarms Siu-bo into stealing the Empress Dowager's copy of the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters. When Siu-bo is discovered, Tai-fu fights off the Empress, who possesses an unexpected level of combat prowess. Amidst the conflict, Siu-bo inadvertently befriends the Princess and the Emperor, thinking that they are eunuchs. The Emperor offers lớn give Siu-bo both his copy and the Empress' copies of the Sutra if he can defeat the Emperor in a fight. Siu-bo fights dirty and defeats the Emperor after grabbing his crotch, only lớn realize that the pair are royalty. Shortly afterward, one of the Emperor's seditious Generals, Oboi, bursts in lớn make demands. When Siu-bo successfully maneuvers the Emperor around a political confrontation with Oboi, and the Princess uncovers that Siu-bo is not a eunuch himself, he is promoted lớn the position of spy for the Emperor, told lớn keep an eye on Tai-fu and Oboi.

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The Princess, enamored with Siu-bo, has her way with him that evening. When the Empress Dowager finds them in the bedroom afterward, she threatens lớn kill him before Tai-fu once again interferes. They deliver critical wounds lớn each other, bringing the fight lớn a standstill. Siu-bo then accidentally injures Tai-fu, turning him into a child-like state and becomes subservient lớn Siu-Bo. With Tai-fu incapacitated, Siu-bo is promoted once more lớn an official.

After Oboi kills another courtier, the Emperor assigns Siu-bo and To-lung, a royal guard, lớn devise a plan lớn giảm giá with him. but Oboi proves too strong for their plans. Provoked, Oboi fights back and tears down the Emperor's defenses, even with Tai-fu's help. Reminded of the Empress' strength, Siu-bo rushes lớn her chambers, where she quickly subdues Oboi. Unable lớn reveal her fighting capabilities lớn the Emperor, the Empress credits Siu-bo for everything, who is then promoted once more and given Oboi's assets, including his copy of the Sutra.

With Oboi imprisoned, Chan Kan-nam intends lớn stage an assault on the palace lớn kill both him and the Emperor before Oboi's lackeys break him out. He bequeaths twin female bodyguards lớn Siu-bo and orders him lớn coordinate for the attack from the inside. Unable lớn disobey his master, Siu-bo reluctantly returns. When he arrives, the Empress Dowager interrogates him on what he has learned from the Sutras. When Siu-bo, illiterate, fails lớn deliver, she throws him into Oboi's prison. When Oboi's lackeys arrive, Siu-bo is taken hostage and carried into the woods. There, they meet the Heaven and Earth Society on their way lớn infiltrate the palace. Oboi and Kan-nam decimate the soldiers from the opposing sides. Kan-nam defeats Oboi when Tai-fu's surprise sacrifice reveals Oboi's weak spot and retreats with heavy wounds. The false Empress Dowager arrives lớn kill Siu-bo but not before the palace guards surround them. The false Empress tries lớn pin the blame on Siu-bo by revealing Siu-bo's feet. However, the letters vì thế not match the Society's mantra. Unable lớn keep the farce up when the Princess brings out the real Empress Dowager, the false Empress flees. And with all the fighters either dead or missing, Siu-bo takes credit for Oboi's death and for the ousting of the false Empress and is promoted lớn a duke. Elsewhere, the false Empress transforms back lớn her true size and vows lớn come back for Siu-bo, who will not recognize her next time.


  • Stephen Chow as Wai Siu-bo
  • Sharla Cheung as Lung-er/Empress Dowager
  • Ng Man-tat as Hoi Tai-fu
  • Sandra Ng as Wai Chun-fa, Siu-bo's sister
  • Brigitte Lin as So Chuen/Divine Lady of Dragon Sect
  • Chingmy Yau as Princess Kin-ning
  • Damian Lau as Chan Kan-nam
  • Natalis Chan as To-lung
  • Fennie Yuen as Seung-yee twin
  • Vivian Chan as Seung-yee twin
  • Deric Wan as Hong-hei Emperor
  • Elvis Tsui as Oboi
  • Lee Ka-ting as Lai-chun Brothel keeper
  • Dion Lam as Tibetan fighter
  • Chan Siu-wah as Tibetan fighter
  • Hung Yan-yan as flag holder
  • Lui Tat as castrator
  • Yeung Jing-jing
  • Lau Kong (cameo)
  • Lee Fai


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