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In contrast, action planning is an off-line operation, planning future actions in accordance with expected and/or intended future events.

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There is also a witnesses' room with separate access to tát the court - a last-minute addition to tát the plans, primarily intended for women.

For example, does the government intend to tát maintain overall revenue neutrality, reducing distortionary taxes proportionately?

The quotation marks surrounding "temporarily" are intended to tát convey that absolute systemic rigor is an illusory ideal.

Although his arguments are rather technical, the book is intended for a nonscientist audience.

The preface tells us that the book is intended to tát back up a second-year university course, presumably in stratigraphy as defined by the author.

I intend my remarks as suggestions for expanding the argument - and perhaps the research - beyond the promising start made here.

However, these saccades are subject to tát both systematic and random error, sánh that, on average, saccades will deviate from their intended targets.

Simultaneously with the testing of pharmacokinetic properties, pharmacodynamic characteristics are also typically investigated in models of the disease the agent is intended to tát treat.

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Although not intended by these authors, their views suggest that theories which are typically considered opposing and incompatible complement each other.

This view is supported by studies that are intended to tát show that satisfactory understanding on the part of patients cannot be achieved.

I intend to tát continue this work and further explore more practical ways of working with dancers of this type.

There are useful tutorial-like worked examples in several places and these will surely be invaluable to tát the intended audience.

Every (logic) programmer should have, at least in her mind, intended meaning for all the used predicates.

The e-mail questionnaire was intended to tát provide the research team with baseline information and as a source for preparing individual-tailored semistructured interviews.

Die Meinungen in den Beispielen repräsentieren nicht die Meinungen der Redakteuere der Cambridge Dictionary, Cambridge University Press oder Ihrer Lizenzgeber.

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