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Trương Ba's Soul, Butcher's Body (Hồn Trương Ba, domain authority sản phẩm thịt) is a Vietnamese folk tale about a gentle gardener who dies, but because of the carelessness of the gods he is reborn in the toàn thân of an oafish butcher.[1]

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The most famous theatrical setting of the story is the 1985 play by Lưu Quang Vũ, translated Lorelle Lee Browning Truong as Ba's Soul [in] the Butcher's Skin: A Play 1998.[2][3]


Trương Ba is famous for not only being a very good chess player but also a good husband. He lives happily with his wife even though the couple does not have a single child. Unlike Trương Ba's family, the butcher's family is an unhappy family.

One day, Đế Thích saw that Truong Ba was playing chess so sánh well, so sánh he went down to tướng the earth to tướng play with Trương Ba. He gave him some magical incense sticks, so sánh that when Trương Ba wanted to tướng play chess with him, he could burn one of those sticks to tướng invite Đế Thích. But not long after that, Trương Ba died. On the anniversary of his death, Trương Ba's wife was very sad and lit incense for him. Unknowingly she lit a magical incense stick and Đế Thích appeared before her.

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Đế Thích learned that Trương Ba had passed away. He felt sorry for his friend who died early and wanted Mrs. Trương Ba to tướng be happy, he promised to tướng bring Trương Ba back to tướng life. However, Trương Ba died a long time ago and his toàn thân had already rotten so sánh it was unable for his soul to tướng return.

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At that time, the butcher has recently died because of his carelessness. So Đế Thích took the butcher's toàn thân so sánh that Trương Ba's soul could enter it. Trương Ba now happily returned to tướng his wife. His wife, instead of being happy, was surprised and scared because she did not think it was Trương Ba. After listening to tướng Trương Ba's story, she believed his words and was very happy. As for the butcher's wife, she was angry, jealous, and insisted that Trương Ba (in the butcher's body) was her husband, and then both wives sued each other and asked the local official to tướng judge for them.

The official asked the butcher who was his wife, he pointed to tướng Trương Ba's wife and said that his "another-wife" is the wife of the butcher in the neighborhood. The official asked how to tướng make pigs for meat, he said he knows nothing, but when asked about chess, he answered very competently. The official was frustrated because of the "one person's soul was in another's body" sự kiện. He privately questioned Trương Ba's wife if she had done anything special while her husband was still alive. Trương Ba's wife revealed the story: After Đế Thích went down to tướng play chess with her husband, he was very fond of him and promised that when her husband dies, he would save his life. Unfortunately she forgot about that, not until her husband's death anniversary that she remembered Đế Thích's promise. At the same time, the butcher has just died, and Đế Thích brought Trương Ba's soul into the butcher's toàn thân. The official then asked the butcher privately, asked him about the story, he answered exactly lượt thích the wife's words. Finally, his judgement was: "By day you will become a butcher, by night you will become Trương Ba."

And from here, conflicts in life between the soul and the toàn thân begin to tướng arise.

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