he is not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough to


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He is not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough to_____.

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One way of increasing your tốc độ of comprehension is to lớn learn all your vocabulary without the use of your own_____.

In a_____ class, this is a great opportunity to lớn learn about different customs and traditions around the world.

No one ever improves pronunciation and_____ by watching someone else’s shape of the mouth! You improve English speaking by speaking, not watching.

The_____ ingredient in every meal of Vietnamese people is fish sauce.

Many vegetables, especially leafy green ones, are_____ sources of calcium.

Each thành viên of the family has a small bowl and_____ which allow him or her to lớn take food from the table throughout the meal.

On the Cao Lau noodles in Hoi An were some meat _____ mixed with fried noodles served with vegetables and bean sprouts.

One special feature of cuisine in Southern Vietnam is short cooking time which aims to lớn _____ the freshness of food.

There are several reasons_____ Adam is not chosen for the school football team.

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_____ apologized, I wouldn't have been so sánh upset at the time.

Please, let má know why_____the meeting.

_____ any further information, tự not hesitate to lớn tương tác má.

Before money, banks have to lớn assess the risks involved.

You are the only person_____ I can talk.

First, add some chopped garlic to lớn the tomatoes.

Passengers are advised_____ their belongings with them at all times.


if they could mind D. if they could keep

The concert was postponed, _____ to lớn the lead singer's illness.

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It's about time you_____ exercising regularly.

Your shirt is dirty, I don't think it will_____ for the wedding.

Have you met Julie? She is a friend of_____ .