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At the same time, adverbial licensing is a rather difficult topic, ví some loose ends in the presentation can be expected.

At the same time, it was difficult, if not dangerous, to tướng deny the developing sense of dominion identity.

From the 42 responses it was extremely difficult to tướng distinguish between a protocol and an information sheet.

The choice between these latter approaches is more difficult.

In game theory, it is very difficult to tướng alter the assumption of common knowledge.

To stop using them in conformal prostate treatment may prove to tướng be difficult.

Anecdotal evidence on the point is not difficult to tướng gather.

Without a sufficiently rich belief system it is difficult for subjective measures to tướng accurately model the user tên miền.

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We find it difficult to tướng introduce these optimisations in our model and at the same time to tướng keep the correctness argument simple.

Their system proves fewer program transformations as equalities, requiring instead the more difficult notion of observational equivalence.

Combined with the lack of an overview or common examples this makes it quite difficult to tướng compare the four languages.

In some ways, the code examples make it a little difficult to tướng jump around, since you are expected to tướng build upon previous code.

As some of these forces are acting on this population, it is difficult to tướng make any estimate on this result.

In these the heterogeneity is difficult to tướng interpret.

The category differences correspond to tướng different morphosyntactic properties, but the semantic values of these words are difficult to tướng differentiate.

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