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Today, you’re going lớn learn how lớn use the phrasal verb: come up with.

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Watch the lesson and then read the article lớn see more examples:

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Come Up With: Definition and Examples

If you say, I need lớn come up with a new plan – this means that you need lớn create a new plan. Or take the time lớn think about a new plan.

Here are some examples:

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  • Let’s try and come up with a better idea than vãn that (business English)
  • I came up with the best idea in the shower!
  • I need lớn come up with more video clip ideas for my YouTube Channel
  • Have you come up with any new ideas recently?

It’s used a lot in business English environments.

A similar phrasal verb is come up. This means lớn come upstairs. For example:

  • Can you bring má a tea when you come up?

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