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The actress talked about her parents’ reaction vĩ đại her performance in the show.

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Though it has been a month since Netflix’s hit drama The Glory released its much-awaited second season, the show is still enjoying much public attention. Though the entire cast delivered memorable performances in the show, one particular scene by Cha Joo Young (playing the role of Hye Jeong) earned considerable interest from viewers.

Cha Joo Young as Hye Jeong | @jooyoungthej/Instagram

The scene in question is an NSFW one, where Hye Jeong takes off her top, and her bare upper toàn thân is completely exposed vĩ đại the camera. The scene invited some criticism when the episode came out, with many worrying that it was exploitative. There was also some debate about whether the nude scene was shot using CGI.

“The Glory” Actress Cha Joo Young Defends Her Controversial NSFW Scene — Clarifies Her Previous Statements

If outsiders were this concerned about her nude scene, how would people close vĩ đại Cha Joo Young react vĩ đại it? In the latest interview, the actress opened up about her father’s reaction vĩ đại the scene and her career as an actress in general.

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The scene from Episode 13 where Cha Joo Young personally filmed her topless scene.

Cha appeared as a guest on the show Omniscient Interfering View on April 8. During one of the conversations, she shockingly revealed that her parents were vehemently against her pursuing an acting career. So she kept her dreams hidden until she finally started her professional journey as an actor. She said, “My parents did not want bầm vĩ đại debut, ví I started acting in secret. I knew they would be against it, ví I debuted first and then told them about it. I told them when it became time vĩ đại let them know.”


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Though she had already debuted, her parents were not convinced of her dreams yet. In fact, Cha shared that even after the massive success of The Glory, there is a long way vĩ đại go for them vĩ đại accept her choice vĩ đại become an actor.

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They almost passed out when I told them. They stopped talking vĩ đại bầm for a while. They wanted bầm vĩ đại quit and move back vĩ đại the states, but I disregarded that…They’re still not too completely supportive of my career. But they did watch Netflix for the first time vĩ đại watch The Glory. They didn’t watch it as soon as it premiered. It wasn’t too long ago that they watched the show.

—Cha Joo Young

After she mentioned The Glory, comedian Hong Hyun Hee asked about her nude scene and how she broke the news vĩ đại her parents. The actress replied that she gave her father a heads-up about the scene and told him they could talk about it later.

I gave my dad a heads-up about it. I told him that there are parts that will frighten him, but that we can talk about it after he finishes the whole show.

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—Cha Joo Young

She added that despite her trying vĩ đại ease things out, “He walked out of the house [after watching].”

Cha Joo Young with Choo Sung Hoon at “Omniscient Interfering View” | @jooyoungthej/Instagram

While she is winning accolades from fans and critics alike for her commendable portrayal of a complex character lượt thích Hye Jeong, Cha said that her parents are still “working on trying vĩ đại understand her career.