be loved in house

Story 8.0

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Acting/Cast 8.5

Music 6.5

Rewatch Value 8.0

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Just Watch It! (This is long).

This is my very first review, so sánh please bare with má.

Regarding the story there were some plot holes here and there, and I feel lượt thích the running time of each episode was poorly used in many occasions, some added things felt unnecessary to tát the plot as a whole, and some things could've been explained in a better way.

Yes, the pacing...

I love a slow burn romance, the whole enemies-to-lovers trope, but watching this show week by week was actually painful, and not in a 'oh my God, what happens next?' kind of way. It was actually frustrating, and when I thought things were about to tát pick up, it slowed down completely.

Still, I have to tát say that I absolutely love the concept of "The Little Prince" involved in this story, and how he falls in love and ends up with the fox.

Acting / Cast:
Let má have my shallow moment...

The first time I saw anything about this series, what called my attention was how attractive both main leads were. They have different vibes, and I think they fit perfectly in what was presented, but the real question is, what about the often mentioned chemistry? Looks are not enough to tát measure weather there's chemistry between a pair or not.

Jin Yu Zhen is a complicated character, with unresolved and complex feelings, your seemingly stoic, heartless, asshole kind of character right there. I tự think Aaron Lai nailed it, especially when we saw the transition of JYZ opening up little by little, showing his true colors.

Honorable mention to tát the last episode, I felt his desperation all the way through the screen.

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Shi Lei is not only someone with that bright, beautiful, dimply smile, I lượt thích how he had a personality and how he wasn't afraid to tát stand his ground no matter what. Hank is a newbie as far as I know, and he did good, I lượt thích his acting.

Honorable mention to tát Shi Lei "coming out" to tát his mom, that scene was beautiful, and necessary.

So, in conclusion, they tự have chemistry, a lot in my eyes, I liked to tát see how Shi Lei fell for JYZ little by little, how he had an "oh shit" moment, realizing he was caring a lot for him, and how Jin Yu Zhen reciprocated his feelings and cared for him just as much. They had a lot of cliche moments, but I didn't mind it at all. There was tension, and want and longing.

The second couple can be a big hit, or a big miss, sometimes they even steal the spotlight from the main couple, and this time I have to tát say they were dễ thương and all, but I unfortunately didn't really care for them. There wasn't enough substance, I don't know how to tát put it better.

Yan Zhao Gang was a good guy, with good intentions and he mostly had some great things to tát say, the type of guy you go for advice, I lượt thích the actor playing him, and I don't think he's bad.

Wu Si Qi on the other hand, was the shy, young and inexperienced guy. Cute? Yes. Still, I don't know, but I cared even less for him, I felt detached. I don't blame it necessarily on the acting, but oh well.

The rest of the cast does the job, I found some of the meant-to-be-funny moments to tát be actually funny, and I liked their interactions.

Shi Lei's mom has to tát be mentioned, she was his wingman, the real MVP, a mother who cared for her son's happiness and well-being. It's refreshing to tát break from the stereotype of a mother who's disappointed, mad or angry, against the fact of her son/daughter being in love with someone of the same sex.

I love soundtracks, and I have to tát admit that the "I tự, I tự, I do" is catchy.

Rewatch Value:
I wouldn't mind re-watching the whole thing now that it ended, maybe it would feel different than thở watching week by week.

I know this review is very mixed, I tried pointing the flaws, but also the good points of this series, at the over of the day all I can say is to tát each their own, don't let anyone else's opinions and thoughts stop you from watching something, tự it, see it for yourself.

For má this series is worth watching, it's simple, it's dễ thương, it's easy, and the over is refreshing.

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Hope this helps.

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